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Learning Report 5th Oct To 14th Nov

Date: 2020-11-14

Max’s Learning Report - 5th Oct to 14th Nov

Post to learning reports thread

I’ve mostly been posting to my microblogging thread and a little to my FI site. I’ve written a decent amount.

I finished The Choice (finally) and started Philosophy: Who Needs It. I’m really enjoying P:WNI. One of my favourite sections so far is Rand’s open letter to Boris Spassky.

I haven’t discussed The Choice much. The latter sections (e.g. comfort zones) I haven’t discussed at all. I’m not overly worried, though why shouldn’t I be worried? I wrote a post about how it’s important to have good self-judgement and to fully complete the learning cycle. Have I done so wrt The Choice? I can’t remember much off the top of my head re: comfort zones. I think I might have to revisit the last few chapters again.

I wrote 11887 words in my microblogging thread between these dates. This report covers ~40 days, so I wrote an average of ~297 words per day. I notice I felt pretty good reflecting on writing ~12k words total, but less good thinking about ~300 words / day. It doesn’t make sense to feel less good like that, though. For one there’s sampling bias – I’ve written more recently on the whole – but more importantly: I’ve started writing more in general, and I am looking forward to writing if I haven’t for a while. I want to write down thoughts and ideas now, regularly. Before tutoring I only wanted to write things down when I was struck with particular and fleeting motivation. I’m excited to think that I might be moving past that.

I’ve also started curi’s CF course. I’m finding it both good revision of yes/no and tutorial matieral, and also a good source of inspiration for connecting ideas I previously hadn’t – like breakpoints and excess capacity. (I’m not sure if curi and I covered this at all in the tutorials, but it hadn’t sunk in if we had.)

sizeable or significant posts

short/tiny/insignificant posts

Things I could have practiced but haven’t

  • mapping a conversation tree
  • (probably more)

Posts I’m thinking of writing:

  • A postmortem (posted to FI) on some somewhat recent stuff I didn’t understand and now think I do
  • Thoughts on secondhandedness and the interaction with great people – relates to some thoughts I had regarding this thank-you msg to curi:
  • Reflections on tutoring (now that we’ve stopped the tutorials)

Desires / Goals

  • I want to keep up my writing and exceed my words-per-day average next time I do a learning report. In service to this I can keep track of what I write as I go, that way it’ll be easier to put together the next LR (this one is taking some time).
  • I want to keep thinking (and writing) about learning and related topics. I feel like it’s going to be very important to get that right.
  • I want to work on removing overheads from my life. Buffer can deal with some overheads, but there’s a limit to that. If you have too many overheads then no amount of buffer will let you fully avoid big impacts on your life. I’m going to start small by getting my house in order and selling some excess things.
  • I want to develop my plan for a mass-unendorsing. (Maybe I should note it’s not a way to escape doing post-mortems about things in the past & discussing past mistakes; it’s just a way to be unshackled from legacy)


I counted words by copying all my comments from microblogging to a text file. Then I used ctrl+f w/ ‘reply quote’ to quickly find+remove comments by other ppl. I then used the regex ^([\w\d #:\(\)\.\-\/'?>,”“|’\[\]\*])*\| quote$ to remove all the lines with ... | reply | quote in them. I then went and removed all quotes with the regex ^>([\w\d #:\(\)\.\-\/'?>,”“|’\[\]\*…";])* – checking that my regex covered each full quotation (that wasn’t like a comment; I sometimes mark comments with quotes to visually separate them).

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