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Notes | Tutorial 51

Date: 2020-10-30


  • reflection on getting to do some FI stuff a few days ago
  • burnout? am I using it as an excuse? I worry I am
  • project plan thing (in posts; left sidebar)
  • review anything posted to
  • time management an issue - rushed and didn’t finish project planning examples
    • demonstrates some overreaching


  • can practice things while doing other things
    • can be more effective by connecting things to practice
    • have in mind 1/2/3 things trying to learn, fix some error
    • try to think of 1+ particular thing to pay attention to
      • make it productive and do aux stuff while achieving main goal too
      • mario example - active learning and practice instead of just like playing the game and getting better
    • lists existing is fine but you can’t pay attention to 20 things while doing
    • need enough mental buffer left to think about the other thing to practice
      • e.g. writing post on epistemology + pay attention to using commas well

  • deceptively simple things
    • ppl say they agree
    • but they don’t do it
    • eg. #18523 ? maybe not a good example
    • citations - incentive to bloat bibliography
      • recursive problem

  • overly complex for small projects – I wrote something about this
  • trouble with overall project
    • mismatched sizes?
    • generalising too early?
    • ‘clever’ project?
  • writing a short book on type-level programming
    • is this a potential way to learn something if there isn’t good material?
  • ppl don’t write what they learn
    • vue typescript + plugins example
      • overhead to documenting
        • can zhs/bash do like saved + named history?
  • write book thing
    • should get better at writing tech docs – I shouldn’t expect to be good now
      • practice methodology
        • shorter stuff one blogpost good
        • conflict:
          • do I feel like my goals are not well aligned to the minutia?
          • can I find better ways to connect small individual tasks to big picture goals?
          • prior commitments
            • it’s good to keep commitment
            • but I don’t like that
  • burnout authenticity
    • July 20th -> 24th; tutorial 18 and around
  • get rid of excuses
    • eg. get plenty of sleep
  • For some particular things, like sleep, I usually come up with the excuse that might be legit but then make it worse
  • prioritisation

  • difficulty changing deeper ideas <- interconnection
  • always be working on a couple of things
  • t+55min

  • getting stuck on the same things
    • time mgmt
    • mismatch between active projects and desired projects

  • common excuses / list of categories to get a bit off / 64 min
time management vs not time-mgmt
  what am I choosing to do?
  what does it reflect?

  • discussions; often in small chunks
    • appealing?
    • quick writing
      • benefits re autopilot
      • habits: time efficient value
        • learn not to make a mess and plan to clean later – there is no later
  • doing post by yourself is a potentially bigger chunk

  • learning cycle
    • get idea for something that might be an issue
    • observe, learn, understand issue
    • find solns
    • implement solns
    • master solns
    • repeat

easy way

  • non-judgementally observe the smoking
  • background things that aren’t bottlenecks but are changing

  • can tackling bottlenecks be overreaching? (arguably then overreaching is the bottleneck)

should expect a new thinking method to take like several months to figure out to apply and let it sink in.

  • journaling re mental energy - could start sorta estimating over/under?
  • 83 min
  • overbook + underestimate

important to ‘see it for yourself’

the ‘wait 6 months’ plan of learning – I’ve done that a bunch. BoI is like that.

  • CEOs & business transparency
    • criticism seen as bad – can’t show up superiors
    • maybe can’t be sure you’re doing good, but there are some ways to be sure something is not good
  • cost accounting / local optimisation
    • note to self: don’t understand this well enough; the goal 25% through or thereabouts

quickcheck idea

yes/no property of dependent/independent variables

  • testing for dependence; is it useful?

  • come up with examples and brainstorm ways this idea plays into it / is significant / etc

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