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Notes | Tutorial 27

Date: 2020-08-14

homework link

analysing lies session 1: on FI google group, on my site.


I feel like I am making incredible 1 progress. Like I’ve never made before. The feeling is still similar to the feeling reading BoI, like the excitement of learning new ideas. But this has reach in a way BoI doesn’t because I can do more stuff in the world. BoI doesn’t have that sort of practical knowledge; outside Flux I can can probably count most of the times I’ve applied knowledge from BoI in a significant / pure-ish way. But this, this is something else.

I feel like I’m leveling up.


idea: collect ideas to ask ET about during tutorials (not necessarily first thing b/c might be distracting). they aren’t urgent ideas, but are ideas that I’d want to be mostly-right about. they don’t need to be perfect because I’m not prioritizing them right now, but might later so want to get off on the right foot. also implies ET doesn’t spend too much effort looking for errors, just easy to see ones I can’t.

JM and MK in #tutoring 2020-08-14 (AEST)

Discord link

[1:20 AM] Max: oh wow, I just found a neat discord feature
[1:20 AM] Max: I was going to post: 
> s/enduring patterns/enduring patterns of language
to indicate "search for 'enduring patterns' and replace with 'enduring patterns of language' in the thing I just said"
[1:21 AM] Max: anyway, i pressed send and nothing happened. tried again to confirm. then I tried s/right?/right?? and it edited my last msg!
[1:22 AM] Max: in this case I don't want the feature on by default because I generally try not to edit posts unless it's immediate and important for ambiguity or something, but in general (outside FI) that's really cool
[1:22 AM] JustinCEO: yeah i've used the edit feature multiple times even in this conversation
[1:22 AM] JustinCEO: for minor formatting/typo stuff
[1:22 AM] Max: the little pencil icon?
[1:22 AM] Max: or the s/A/B thing?
[1:22 AM] JustinCEO: sorry the s/x/y
[1:22 AM] Max: oh man now I feel out of the loop :stuck_out_tongue:
[1:23 AM] Max: but super neat to find
[1:23 AM] Max:
> oh man now I feel out of the loop :stuck_out_tongue:
I notice saying things like this sometimes and am unsure if there are bad social dynamics involved. I am thinking of collecting them for later analysis.
[1:24 AM] Max: in this case thinking about qs like: "what was the point of saying that?", "should I feel OOTL?", "what am i saying by using that as my response to JM's msg?", etc
[1:26 AM] Max: I don't feel bad or guilty just unsure. There are also questions like "how would that make JM feel?" but they're harder to answer and i'm not convinced they're good to ask or i'm asking for the right reasons (I would start reading objectivist stuff, particularly virtual of selfishness, if I was going to prioritise finding out more)

did I pick up on something worth investigating and is the direction I suggest a good one?

(note: more developments (and analysis) in discord)

notes on first writing exercise 00:18:00

  • need good habits (missed in

That doesn’t mean you should not say things they don’t already know; that’s useful for getting your audience on the same page with you.

(need to find ilnk / timestamp here)


  • fi is an honest community

careful attributing to community, not everyone is like that even though the community / ideas encourage it.

00:62:00 (and 5 min earlier) - analyzing lies

  • for next AL session: do more quickly - don’t spend time on Birner

  • rate quality of arguments after the fact, like go back and add [8/10] before a point or paragraph
    • self eval
    • accuracy - don’t falsely underrate
  • when i make a claim “woudl I be surprised?” if yes -> significant thing you can learn from
    • 65 min
  • self-grading method discussed in [Tutoring Max 27] at ~65-70min.

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