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Notes | Tutorial 43 (goals)

Date: 2020-09-25
  1. My Goals - bigger stuff
    1. notes from tutorial

rand -> ‘too early for pol party’ -> ppl need better ideas, first -> after that worry about pol party.

invisalign -> look into technology; risks or whatever; papers

My Goals - bigger stuff

– last updated 2018

  1. (parallel) a. make a bunch of money ($5-10m $20m? for family/life/future; rest for mission & purpose) b. develop Flux / IBDD in b.g. -> Work towards new BoI for Democracy
  2. Funnel money into Flux -> get it stable
  3. T+ ~5yrs: start process of finding suitable partner (other things can be ongoing)
  4. T+ ~10yrs: child (partner needs to learn TCS + Philosophy gaps)
    • ideally the other projects are stable enough to not need my active involvement.

notes from tutorial

  • Things that need doing
    • Better Democracy
    • Not shit education
      • anti-social

      • anti-dishonesty

    • Social Dynamics too powerful for most ppl *
  • Break{points,throughs}
    • intellectual breakthrough
    • plan for leverage points / use
    • being right isn’t enough
    • model world -> exploit constraint
      • it’s not luck

big improvements -> forces at work -> suppress change -> e.g. ruling elites

elections -> in general bad

educate many ppl or powerful ppl -> can you do both?

rand -> couldn’t find anyone? -> ?? -> who trains the ordinary ppl so great ppl have followers?


  • wrote books
    • not for the masses, just works okay for them
    • designed? to be super good for super good ppl

massive longitudinal shortage of philosophers.

great ppl (e.g. goldratt / feynmann) - middling parents b/c static memes

failure of ppl to use TOC: - fragile knowledge

not see it coming: - super high quality low cost education

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