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Notes | Tutorial 17

Date: 2020-07-22
  • without clear goals can’t measure own progress
    • feedback re doing right things / when you get rewards
  • making own goals vs stdized goals shared with other ppl
    • - learning worksheets (grammar particularly?)
    • find structured goal resourecs?

initial barrier to entry

  • once you get over that’s progress
  • can aim for that
  • got it working for X time
  • can keep making progress (start to know what to work on / look for)

learning steps:

  1. do it 1st time and a few times
  2. do it consistently
  3. do it cheaply

  • in depth analysis useful
    • don’t do it by default for all articles
    • perfectionism harmful sometimes for completing task

reviewing goals regularly

if goals are good:

  • feel good / motivated / interested
    • if absent something is wrong
  • if not motivated
    • remind self of why it’s good
      • write down reasons, go through them
    • replace self-doubt/loathing with brainstorming what you don’t like about goal X

[ ] - brainstorm things good with games / bad with games

throwing out random concretes easier to start with esp when you don’t have categories / think outside categories / rethink things you already know about

throwing out concretes first can validate categories, instead of like confirmation bias by only filling in things that already exist

less abstract also better for communicating

  • MK: [] need more practice with other styles
    • preferring abstract amkes it harder to learn philosophy
      • b/c you need to find concretes and test self

easier to come up with solns for concrete examples

  • then easier to generalise

important to operate when not at best (tired / bad mood / whatever)

  • feeling of perfectionism wrt things like philosophy or writing, so ppl try not to do it when not optimal
  • ways to do stuff when not at best
    • slower
    • more methodical
    • skip fewer steps, shorter sentences etc
    • more verbose / notes / aids

if can’t do at best need to change method

look for evidence and details

  • how much is tiredness / no resources
  • how much is liking the other stuff
    • specific things to look for re burnout
  • sleep monitoring
    • sleep proportional to “intellectual energy”
      • above average expected
    • first approx suggestion: 8.5hrs to start w/ and consistent time + duration
  • convince self that doing work while sleep deprived is bad
  • more sleep -> more takes away excuses (helps clarify)

  • which activities have most value and why do I find value?
  • what am i not fully convinced is valuable?

  • remind self of ideas about self-value
    • position: irrelevant, velocity & accel
    • progress snowballs / approx exponential
    • comparing model projects

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