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thoughts on learning

Date: 2020-07-31

thoughts on learning

  • what is the benefit of sticking with hard problems? e.g. maths challenge qs at end of chapter
  • can we do learning more efficiently by learning multiple things? crossover/shared foundations could help (e.g. coding + maths markup)
  • are there benefits of ‘exploratory learning’ with a higher error rate?
    • could be used to find more places one has problems
      • why would you need exploratory learning for that
  • is exploratory learning similar to doing a full speedrun?
    • e.g. GISTE mentioned getting a PB of 2:06 (presumably 2hrs)
      • he mentioned not meeting some consistency goals: this points out places to focus practice
      • having the PB is motivating, i suspect ppl would stick with it, or progress faster (?), or at least that there’d be some qualitative differences between those who do complete runs vs those who practice “too much” on smaller / individual stuff

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