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Notes | Tutorial 16

Date: 2020-07-20
  • object/complement patterns
    • can look up / memorise linking verbs

motivation and things

  • when ppl don’t do things with no obvious reason (emotions/motivation)
    • not fully persuaded
      • conflicted
      • criticisms, doubts, objections (in your mind)
  • part: frustrated / not doing what I value

  • the avoidance behaviour (e.g. social events over reading books)
    • reasons I like the social events, not fully refuted so don’t try avoiding them
  • consume less mental energy -> rested
    • do it tired
  • find video games more
    • often go back to old ones
    • easier / familiar
    • easier to do tired
    • liked for reasons like reward cycles / (pve wow + bethesda)
    • do better different
  • reward cycles
    • common misconceptions
      • defer to authority - approval by teacher type thing
        • ppl not used to setting goals, game gives you goals
          • easier / thoughtless too
          • collectables, level ups, sounds, choose stats ritual, etc
          • games provide indirection: get to lvl 60 before this area is unlocked
        • ppl not confident in setting own goals
          • effortful
          • compete against ppl on same goals, make comparisons (all playing a diff game)
          • std goals allows syncing up between players
          • why would these goals appeal more than my goals?
            • my goals unclear to me?

criticism of bad things is not thourough enough

things ppl think are good not fully convinced

  • e.g. reading not always good
    • not getting enough value out of that
    • their type of reading not always good
      • if they were better they might do more, or at least know more about whether they do like it or not
    • ppl have misconceptions, e.g. of what intellectuals do
      • e.g. over-rational prediction of what life would be like
      • which they don’t really want
  • categories
    • might like things instead of FI
    • critcisms that aren’t thorough enough
    • FI work not productive enough
      • not doing in best ways?
    • doubts/objections
      • e.g. will it lead to a big difference
  • overestimation of capacity
    • best case vs average case, no buffer etc
    • not accounting being tired, just raw time
    • transition time, overhead
  • burnout testable
    • break + sleep + see if feel better
      • burnout -> should be able to manage life in better way
        • could build up slowly
        • how to deal with over-engagement?
        • find limits via overly-conservative
  • if prob is burnout, shouldn’t be super hard to find long-term soln
    • err on low side
      • tune it up gradually
    • variety of activity including easier ones
      • use different resources
      • small amount of “high output” hours per day
  • imbalance between mental/physical means excess capacity you could use
    • efficiency
    • how quickly you get tired -> how hard -> quality and practice of prerequisites
      • foundation makes that better
        • conflicts on belief on foundations?
      • FI has lots of unique/diverse skills (different from my BG for example)
  • early warning signs
    • document and learn to listen to them
  • avoiding working on some issues because stuck is more specific than doing things because of tiredness which is more general

evasion: after break, do they go back to something else or something different? returning to topic: indication the problem

disappointed in self

  • desired to see self as X / be seen as X
    • social: threatening to lose status
    • conflict
  • clash between reasonable expectations and actual case
  • recalibrate expectations (what you’re able to do, etc)
  • could just lower
    • but coming up with explanatory understanding -> higher direction / specific fixes / etc

daily energy budgets

  • reducing overhead important
  • practice increases budgets in relevant areas (like exercise and physical currency)
    • potential compound wrt learning
  • cheapening activities - no limit?
    • doing something according to misconception
      • goal of reading a book is not to read all the words, but to understand concpets (well with some books)
        • outlines / search / etc
  • using budget more efficiently - what’s your ACTUAL maximum budget
    • understanding regen
    • rest activities (nap, random tv/chill, music, etc)


  • whats normal?
    • if not standard, high priority, [usually] achievable (b/c not normal)
  • inefficiency comes from errors (sometimes irrational; like misconceptions when starting a project)
    • that’s higher priority
  • bigger issue: commitments and time mgmt / limits

WRT big picture change: piecemeal change

overestimation of impact of new knowledge

splitting activities?

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