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Notes | Tutorial 34

Date: 2020-08-31

review writing/outlining

  • problem: if I don’t feel good about a simpler word use a more technical one
  • extra parens -> more cluttered
  • trying to hard to copy what the paper says (outlining) instead of explaining the ideas
  • idea: maybe should have added commentary at the end of each subsection.
  • copying the parts i didn’t like is confusing – ppl might as well just read the original.

  • ET: what are important ideas, only write about those, not redo the rest, give self more leeway to reorganise it, alter the presentation, use own examples, etc.
  • todo: write alt version - not outlining; explain it myself.

advance and answer method


  • tree-out discussion
  • analyse first level replies:
  • and other material from
  • work on checklist and improve, check “social dynamics summary notes”

social dynamics

  • effort-based analysis
    • who’s putting in how much effort?
    • who’s asking for how much effort?
    • who’s reacting to who
    • who gets to question who?
    • who answers?
    • who ignores counter-party requests?
    • who gives hints and expects the counter-party to figure out what he means
    • who’s happy with status quo, who want’s change, who’s needy?
    • calm is high status
    • LoLE
    • who’s framing of the issue dominates?
    • who’s signalling expertise?
  • social thing: okay to lie to prevent people being discouraged

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