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Notes | Tutorial 52

Date: 2020-11-02


  • “why I live” post + reflections on max’s microblogging


  • nb: I haven’t actually read it again since first draft

If one’s choices could matter that much, how could one possibly know that?

mb change to

If one’s choices can matter that much, how could one possibly know that they do?

  • making a big impact on humanity is wrong goal – can fail through no fault of own. unsuitable as primary life goal.

  • primality of goal important for life; okay to have goals like popularlize PF, but not for it to be a life goal
    • be reasonably under your own control
      • changing the world can be a goal but you should be okay with failing
  • Problems for my projects: Flux, SV – very dependent on other ppl.

  • atlas shrugged - holiday book?

Their other choices–the ones they hoped would matter–will end up swallowed and forgotten by the passage of time.

ET: one of the main errors ppl make - self-crit and detecting mistakes early

To the left is a future of hit and miss choices, erratic legacy, and the fog of cosmic uncertainty.

I used to be worried about failing. “Could it be that I will spend my life in vain pursuit of greatness and progress?” If the past half decade had been different, that might have become true. I know better, now.

ET (86 min) Need to like the journey. Value in the means, not just the result/ends.

epistemic idea-cone


larger it is - the more the focus is on organising knowledge, and less “how do you do X”

how do you organise to avoid it being a mess (and also keep it maintainable, endurable, etc)

thinking of it as practice -> powering up mode

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