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Notes | Tutorial 28

Date: 2020-08-17

notes on Birner 2

issue paraphrasing sentence 2 [00:12:00]

“Let us assume (realistically, I think) that the type of personality with a firm belief in the power of criticism is less prone than the average academic to devote resources to the social networking and academic politicking that are needed to create an environment in which his or her intellectual offspring can survive.”

  • assume
    • realistically
  • type of personality
    • with firm belief
  • less prone
    • than avg academic
    • to devote resources
      • to social networking / politicking
    • which are
      • needed to create env
        • allows ideas to survive

note: when outlining/paraphrasing: put the same thing in the same order with simpler words; not too worried about understanding / structure

notes on Lulie’s reply


There’s a premise here that critical rationalism is incompatible with social networking and politicking. But you can have all sorts of interests as a critical rationalist.

  • false comparison
  • non-parallel phrasing

CR is incompatible with doing networking and politicking. CR is compatible with being interested in many different things.


Maybe the assumption is that critical debate isn’t compatible with these social endeavours, but I don’t think that’s true: there’s always a way of explaining an idea that isn’t off-putting; it’s not fundamentally the case that people dislike criticism.

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