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Notes | Tutorial 41

Date: 2020-09-18
  1. Since Last Time
  2. tutorial notes

Since Last Time

Minor, or duplicated stuff:

good thing to write about: goals, attainability, what do i plan to do and can i accomplish it, a good position to do it, etc

going to do this in this weeks learning report

tutorial notes

  • sentence 1, generic statement that a lot of ppl claim. ppl filter it out.
    • ppl misinterpret by thinking “most forums” is like bottom 50%
    • doesn’t give them important actiontionable ppl
  • It’s rude to criticise someone

    • not point of difference for most ppl, e.g. lesswrong
  • You have to stay on topic

    • ppl think staying on topic is a good thing, accusation against other forums
  • (maybe) need to focus on some point of difference that is more evident or something
  • ppl don’t know how FI is different
    • topic: every conversation is unbounded
  • on note of philosophy in life, Rand’s philosophy who needs it chapters 1 and 2

  • one thing I notice is I can tell pretty quickly is when I’ve fooled myself with the quality of what I write. I didn’t do proper structure and brainstorming before writing Hello, and welcome to FI. I thought I had done enough but it falls down really quickly. I have a bad intuition

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