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Analyzing Lies

Date: 2020-08-13

I’m going to go through the Analyzing Lies material again. Here is my plan:

  • Follow ET’s 3-pass method he mentions in AL1 (Analyzing Lies 1.mp4 from ET’s grammar pack around 00:10:15; I’ll refer to this series of videos as AL1 through AL6)
    • Oh apparently ET posted it too; maybe in his analysis? (the RSP analysis thread)
  • Avoid watching ET’s analysis till after doing the analysis myself
    • Avoid revisiting anyone else’s analysis too
    • I’ve had some new spoilers from the first 30 min or so of AL1. It only covers the first few lines of Birner’s quote, though.
      • I didn’t realise the reason ET covers that quote is b/c Justin did, but I think it’d be good to do so I’m going to start there (plus I don’t think I did that in 2017).
    • I probably remember a bit from doing some analysis of Lulie’s post in 2017 but don’t think it’ll get in the way much.
      • Most of the emails and answers in the thread are unread, so not too worried about that either.
  • Do the analysis in chunks according to the order in the AL_ videos.
  • Try to chunk things as small as reasonably possible. In the first case I think it’d be just the Birner quote first (the entire thing). The second chunk will probably be LT’s post. And the third: the RSP’s post.
  • After analysing a chunk I’ll watch the corresponding next part of the AL_ video. While doing this I’ll take notes to compare between my analysis and the analysis in the video (which, in the first case, is both JM’s analysis and ET’s analysis). In any case this should cover most bases.
    • Presumably I’ll also be talking with ET about this during my tutorials, will try to link them each time.
  • I’ll post to a new thread and prioritise posting over editing/cleaning up my analysis.
  • I’m also going to try and not edit my answers too much. It’s more valuable for me and you (readers in general) if I react honestly rather than trying to touch it up too much after the fact. I’m putting this here because I think I’ve already done this twice, and it feels dishonest to take those things out.
  • I’m going to use the self-grading method discussed in [Tutoring Max 27] (link soon) at ~70min.

Three pass method

  • First pass: in detail; stuff like which prepositions modify which things, meaning of individual words, find the detail of what is going on, etc. Nitty gritty.
  • Second pass: start to summarise what’s going on, get a short version that covers all the main issues (ET gives examples like ‘book plugging’ and ‘bragging’ in AL1). You don’t need to be super precise on this one because you already have all the details from pass 1 in mind.
  • Third pass: no quoting, high level and overall comments; summary and comments.

Analyzing Lies posts

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