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Notes | Tutorial 18

Date: 2020-07-24

stable long term - mix hard and not hard things.

  • find some things with lower T:ME ratio (mental energy)

need to mix in on daily basis

switching when getting stuck?! e.g. AoE2 - not breaking new ground

goal: find ways to make progress during low-energy periods

divide day:

  • hard stuff
  • easier that’s productive in major goals
  • do whatever


technique re: have one major productive part of day

  • give yourself a chance to do other things
    • gives information about mental energies resources remaining

changing schedules - be gradual

1:35:00 - analysing some text (EY on lesswrong)

In the ancestral environment, you were unlikely to end up more than one inferential step away from anyone else. When you discover a new oasis, you don’t have to explain to your fellow tribe members what an oasis is, or why it’s a good idea to drink water, or how to walk. Only you know where the oasis lies; this is private knowledge. But everyone has the background to understand your description of the oasis, the concepts needed to think about water; this is universal knowledge. When you explain things in an ancestral environment, you almost never have to explain your concepts. At most you have to explain one new concept, not two or more simultaneously.

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