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Notes | Tutorial 48

Date: 2020-10-12

note: not feeling so hot today


  • not quite sure how to do more re: bigger picture goals, just more detailed?
  • I feel like i’m regressing maybe, like focusing more on other things again means I’m getting lazy


  • Write docs about IBDD (Flux) – technical / systems level writing
  • Get better at writing
    • I don’t feel like I’ve done enough
    • quality isn’t high enough
    • not ‘easy’ enough in general (it is somewhat easy when I’m ‘inspired’)
  • Reading habit not instantiated
  • Improving my discussion capability
    • quality
    • I want to be able to effectively lead a discussion

Note: I started doing this and felt a bit flat so worked on the post below a bit.

writing feedback


spaced repetition

  • ET: should probs do spaced repetition practice of past exercises
    • e.g. brainstorming before writing
    • writing practice
      • topic sentences
    • grammar trees / analysis
    • text analysis trees
      • connections between ideas, how they relate to each other
      • analysis for social dynamics
    • trees in general; debate tree, brainstorming tree
    • philosophy:
      • yes/no – go through content
      • paths forward – review at least
        • articles
      • overreaching
      • scheduling / resource budgets / buffers / procrastination / motivation

not just maintenance, none of these are “done”

  • urgency; no pressure -> no work
    • FI: it is urgent (compounding effect)
      • allocate time?
      • mindset shift
        • think this has something to do with some general dissatisfaction w/ myself / some conflict.
    • you have to see a problem to be motivated to solve it / work on it
      • e.g. parents with some problem might be motivated to discuss / learn about TCS
      • throughout day - come up with examples of where some skill would be helpful
        • identify specific times
        • planning steps help to see problems more clearly: goal, resource usage, budget; list things that would help make the project better / more successful
          • “wishful thinking” list
    • buffers - over-scheduling
      • schedule too full -> pushing things off
      • if schedule is ‘semi open’ then it’s easier to fit in FI / reading / etc
      • scheduling waking hours vs ‘office hours’
      • flex time
        • the goal: flex time not wasted time
      • don’t be afraid to have extra flex time
        • my guess is probably 50% is a good place to start
      • good use of flex time: taking stock of situation, looking at schedule docs, estimating buffers, will I have spare time or not, etc

writing practice

  • can practice philosophy stuff by writing about it
    • repeatedly writing posts helps think through and ‘internalize’ the idea

reading – practice and make habitual.

  • Justing + Anne’s conversation about Atlas Shrugged helped

leading discussions

  • objective part
    • discussion tree
    • work with them in collab way to brainstorm issues and questions and address systematically
      • some nodes we’ll agree on
      • disagreement nodes are where discussion & reasons happen
        • can make arguments that aren’t decisive but sound good
          • other person might be persuaded
          • makes sense particularly when person does believe in arguments of support
        • better is to find decisive issues
          • both ppl could suggest an idea which, if it were wrong, they would change their mind
          • lots of issues disagreed about, but not all will change their mind
            • good explicit upfront question
            • what’s the crucial thing that would change my mind
          • often there’s a key issue in both ppl’s mind
          • one way to get at it via goldratt’s conflict clouds / evaporating clouds

  • social part
    • issues like do they want to listen / respond
    • manage social stuff at least some

  • writing checklist
    • 95 min


  • idea for post (for max):
    • how should one respond to impasses
    • why is discussion methodology important

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