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Notes | Tutorial 46

Date: 2020-10-05

romance novels (X - 18min)

general comments

quality of conversation

  • how to have higher qual discussions with ppl other than ET
    • ET:
      • conversation tree, review before replying, share with other person, consider what is a reply to what, esp important for self
      • short chunks
        • 2 at a time technique (ask a quest, answer one of theirs)
      • comments and aside stuff doesn’t need to go in tree
      • focus -> going in to depth -> focus on goal of getting something resolved
        • metric for conversation: resolutions (like OKRs / Key Outcomes)
    • pre-empt hostility to discussion methodology with ‘rules’ esq post?
    • people feel like they’re ‘done’ with learning about having discussions
    • ppl want to ‘win’
      • setting bad victory conditions
      • student-teacher relationship vs peer-peer
  • MK: try conversation tree next time
    • idea: is that how a forum could be structured
  • winning at fi
    • no way to let them win
    • feeling of winning /= actually winning?
  • asymmetry
    • rationality symmetric – ‘impartial’ maybe better word
  • conversation ‘phases’
    • early game: common ground, inferential difference
    • mid game?
    • end game?

ppl expect most conversations to fail; they’re looking for partial value to extract not proper outcomes.

people have a ‘queue’ of problems so they don’t like other errors being brought up


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