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Notes | Tutorial 40

Date: 2020-09-14
  1. Tutorial content
  2. good to do stuff about

Tutorial content

  • ppl have problem -> look for solns -> only do research when getting stuck
    • upsides: self-guided and (10min)
  • book learning
    • passive
    • but organised
      • and includes a lot more from “sum total of human knowledge” -> better EC too
  • easy to go wrong both ways
  • ET: ppl should start with guided learning as children – always a mix
    • as you get better you have more tools + context, so can do self-guided better


  • setting up rules is super important to whether something is evolution or fake



  • ppls conversation goal: narrow, on topic,
  • meta goes outside boundaries, unpredictable,
  • fundamentally dishonest
    • narrow conversation, etc
  • want unwritten rules

  • ET: universality special kind of breakpoint, or like breakpoints are a more fundamental/general thing
    • -> breakpoints can make things digital

good to do stuff about

goals, attainability, what do i plan to do and can i accomplish it, a good position to do it, etc

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