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books to read (or at least look in to reading)

books to read (or at least look in to reading)


  • Rand
    • Atlas Shrugged
    • Virtue of Selfishness
    • “Philosophy Who Needs It”
    • “Return of the Primitive”
    • “The Voice of Reason”
    • “Why Businessmen Need Philosophy”
    • “The Romantic Manifesto”
    • Ayn Rand Answers
  • Peikoff - Teaching Johnny to Think

Science / Philosophy of Science

  • Feynman
    • Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman
    • What do You Care What Other People Think
  • Popper
    • Objective Knowledge
    • Open Society (audible)


  • David Horowitz
  • Ann Coulter
    • Demonic (note: not on audible)


  • Goldratt
    • It’s not luck
  • Mises
  • The government against the economy by George Reisman
  • Hazlitt
    • Econ in one lesson by Hazlitt
    • others?


  • Szasz


  • Brandon Sanderson

Misc / uncategorized

  • Victor Davis Hanson
  • The Cicero historical fiction trilogy by Robert Harris

Books I’ve read (or partially completed, or in progress)

  • Rand
    • Fountainhead
  • DD
    • BoI
    • (Partial; in prog) Fabric
  • Goldratt
    • The goal
    • critical chain
    • (in prog) the choice

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