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Notes | Tutorial 37

Date: 2020-09-07


  • need good way to organise async discussions
    • important: linear view
      • nested comments -> button to show chronology
  • depends in large part on being good at having discussions
    • policies help
      • easy to not follow own policies
  • reading stuff - listening easier to get started
    • getting started important
    • listening effort efficient
      • can do a second reading (visually) for good stuff
      • can read more books than if only doing it visually
      • pausing good to do occasionally
    • perfectionism a common problem
    • resilient skills important - do the thing in bad circumstances (when you don’t feel well, etc)

36, 37, 38

taking stock, goals, next sessions

  • [40 min] there are options about how we might do a discussion
  • having discussions and running into issues can be a good way to bring issues to light
    • are there problems I already know about?
  • ET: looking back at all tutes: 55min
    • what’s worked well
      • not getting stuck - flexible topics and things
      • discussing tricky stuff
      • broader knowledge -> more informed decisions
    • what’s worked less well
      • F: early on - emotional conflicts w/ self
      • pressure to do stuff / write / hw / whatever
    • what do I need more practice on
      • discussion
      • ???
    • and overall perspective.
    • ET: part has been going through quickly so I can practice on my own
      • what things?

future ideas:

  • how to use trees for debates in yes/no way, use decisive arguments, mark branch as resolved.
    • e.g. can mark nodes that are meant to be decisive
      • some commentary can be good/useful
      • would be good to do in general
  • long term schedule

  • set goals at waking up
    • check again every 4hrs
  • writing stuff about fi [83 min]
    • remind self of things

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