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Learning Report: 2020, week 37

Date: 2020-09-13

(NOTE: not yet complete)


  • 37
    • todo
  • 38 (paths forward)
    • todo
  • 39
    • todo

Other things

  • Bit more haskell practice / study. Haven’t made any significant progress in HFFP
  • Started reading FoR, and am taking notes. (_notes/ on github)
  • I meant to go back to the choice but haven’t this week
  • todo

A Slower Speed of Light - WR speedrun

  • I got WR (0:2:30) in A Slower Speed of Light (SSOL)
    • First attempt at like a “fast casual” run was 4:04 (better than first recorded time on
    • best I found on twitter was like 2:5x
      • There are ~4 or so unique ways SSOL starts the suggested tweet. I googled them in quotes with various prefixes like “It took me 00:02”
        • this example finds a quote on Twitter (from @CharlesEnos) from 28 May 2014

          It took me 00:02:47 to break the #threeminuteworldtime #slowlight #openrelativity

        • I couldn’t find shorter times on twitter, there were some other 2 minute times, but none faster than 2:47
      • (there were some social-integration features b/c SSOL it was released in 2012)
    • Watched previous runs to figure out routes
    • Tried some more experimental routes that didn’t seem to work well
    • Before doing much practice I wanted to get an image of the map for routing purposes
      • I used uTinyRipper to extract assets from the game file (Unity)
      • Loaded these assets in Unity 2017 and found the map and figured out (guessing/intuition)
        • how to load the right map
        • enough to show the orbs + fences in one image (search for one, ctrl+a; search for the other -> bg items are grey, searched items are visible, selected items are highlighted) image
        • I loaded these into photoshop (initially) to draw the previous routes over them (with timing info for WR)
        • Photoshop can’t tell you the length of a path easily, so I moved to illustrator. The lengths for routes taken were roughly:
          • 3rd - 2:47 - 6711
          • 2nd - 2:40 - 6543
          • ~1st - 2:35 - 6385 (note: this isn’t my WR run, I measured an earlier run that was 2:35)
          • Although the game penalises sharp changes in velocity (the character has lots of inertia), seems like shorter routes still matter
      • I practiced the route in 2:47 first to get a feel for it. Then I practiced the old WR route in 2:40.
      • practicing these and having the map let me make a few novel improvements:
        • I don’t get the orb that’s immediately in front of you when you start the game (-1s)
        • After the side-run of 13 orbs (bottom middle of my map) I get an extra orb – the one between the mushrooms and the wall. You have a lot of velocity which you need to shed anyway, so it’s quicker (-1s?)
        • In my WR 2020-09-13 run I think I had better-than-previous technical movement, but there are still obviously sloppy things (like going into the final run of 14 orbs – I miss one and have to go back)
        • Doing the final 14 well saves >3s on it’s own, if not more. Missing any one of them is quite costly
    • taking it further
      • I used Engauge Digitizer to get a CSV of points of the orbs - I wanted to use some route-finding software later to try and improve the route
      • Idea: use travelling salesman + genetic to find a faster route?
        • Have done a bit on this in python and haskell (separately)
          • Fun but not a great use of time, no results from 12hrs+ work
        • BOTTLENECK I think lookup times of pixels I’m using for a-star (which gives distances for the travelling salesman alg) is the bottleneck. looping thru all pixels (~1.3m) to test if black/white adds like +60s to my tests
          • can optimise this
    • there are other problems I identified w/ my run and issues I have that I haven’t had time to write down here

It was maybe ~6hrs till I beat/equalled the WR and ~8 to get a time of 2:30. Most of that time was spent doing the Unity/Route stuff.


  • I had lots of things I wanted to do over the weekend and didn’t do ~any.
    • I intend to read easy way again (partially due to some discord conversations about it)
      • need to fix some habits

Carry over

  • Reading habit - I still haven’t built this up, or spent time working towards it.
    • some improvement, not enough
      • one issue is I end up pausing a thinking a bunch reading FoR which means I take a long time to get through stuff
      • another is concentration, like doing multiple things at once (e.g. discord)
  • didn’t write as much as I planned to

post ideas

  • what would it mean for meta discussion to be bad? is it compatible with fallibilism?
  • philosophical oracles aren’t useful (related to FoR)
  • postmortem on my short argument against moral relativism
    • comparison to logical positivism argument in fabric ch1p6
  • approval of outcomes is no way to run a democracy
  • does all progress involve finding new universalities?
    • maybe just increasing reach of humanity’s body of knowledge?
    • fabric ch1,22:30
  • fabric ch1,27:00-27:59,p12
    • seems wrong: bit with planets and the claim to only see facts that aren’t explained by GR
      • postmortem: audible reading hard to follow grammatically - easier in print, multiple commas make it difficult. misinterpreted audiobook, clarified after checking print copy.
  • is ‘replication strategy’ a good label for the rational/static descriptors on rational/static memes?
  • finish santa claus is coming to town analysis
  • how do you represent not-X in CF and CR?
    • CR perspective: not-X the idea that X is false, which is to say that X is criticised
    • CF / yesno pespective: not-X … how is it different, how does it relate to goals?
  • finish dialog on fi-light
  • heart stuff
  • healthypi
  • how is meta used socially? (like: introducing meta topics)
    • equal or higher status?
      • rejection of meta => (optimistically) rejection of social stuff? (maybe like a bit good?)
      • objections to meta => defensive b/c of social stuff? (not good)
        • what about some equivalence of action to goodness? does anything like that come in to it?
  • Justin/Max metaphors of violence chat log
  • Chat log excerpts
  • Why you should contribute via subscribestar
  • Why (and under what conditions) should you take someone seriously?
  • retrospective on 3 months
    • learning report for this week + this month
  • What does it mean for a philosopher to be consistent? (both WRT their behaviour and their values)
  • “picking fights” - can they be good?
  • haskell over scheme - importance of data types

From FoR notes:

  • offtopic - FoR ch2,25:00 maybe – beginning to talk about “tangible” photons and what it means to be in the same universe -> thinking about the “what to do with way out there ideas” post a. maybe this section answers the q “what do you think a universe is?” b. todo: retrospective on how my thinking has changed;
    • gone from
      • questions like “how do i talk about this”
      • and behaviours like ‘writing a post, not knowing how to deal with it, writing a wrapper post so I can do something at least’
      • feeling overwhelmed by some stuff and not knowing how to proceed
    • to (starting to, not mastered)
      • being capable of knowing what i want to say and whether I can say it,
      • what I need to do re: organisation of ideas and research,
      • how to break down ideas to evaluate them earlier in my process,
      • how to ask questions to get better answers,
      • better methods of discussion,
      • better methods of thinking,
      • appreciation for own static memes and a small arsenal of methods to combat them^1
      • knowing what to focus on to communicate ideas better/properly
      • how to understand what people are trying to say/communicate
      • how to evaluate texts/samples quicker for qualities and errors
      • how to manage my own time better and more productively
      • how to think and feel about myself and my actions/inactions
      • how to think about my own problems and life problems generally
      • how to make more reliable progress towards goals
      • how to choose better goals (and why to choose them)
      • how to reason about other people and social dynamics / motivations
      • how to read text in multiple critical frames, including social dynamics
      • how to choose topics, subjects, and appropriate attention for them

1: i use metaphors of violence, but particularly wrt my own static memes. how does this compare to metaphors of violence wrt criticism?

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